Custom Homes

You imagine it, we build it. Little compares to the joy and pride that can be found in establishing a house that completely encompasses your unique taste, style, and preferences. Creating custom homes requires not only advanced levels of design and building expertise, but also the ability to work together as a team with clients. No one is better than Progressive Construction, Inc. at combining these attributes as we take in client wants while also providing guidance with our professional knowledge and experience. Together, we can craft the perfect home.


The right addition can be just what it takes to transform your current home into the best version of itself. Without the extreme measures of completely redesigning or starting from scratch, additions are able to redefine houses to fit a new and desired description. Progressive Construction, Inc. provides these services through three main categories: exterior additions, interior additions, and floor plan expansions.


Sometimes what you already have is all that you truly want or need. Remodeling allows you to repurpose the structure that is already yours. This can be both cost-effective and efficient as you watch your beloved home stay itself, yet also become the ideal house you’ve always imagined. Progressive Construction, Inc. tackles remodel projects with an innovation and skill that results in only the finest product.

Basement Finishes

A basement area is capable of fulfilling a seemingly endless amount of purposes. While a wide variety of personal uses can be derived from the additional finished area, completing the basement can also help your house gain appeal on the market. No matter the intention you have for the extra space below your home, Progressive Construction, Inc. can convert your basement to a high-quality space in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Kitchen Renovations

Often portrayed as one of the main features of a home, kitchens carry with them a great deal of importance. Renovations to the kitchen can create a selling point for a house, but can also improve an owner’s satisfaction with their personal living space. There are many aspects of a kitchen that can be customized, and Progressive Construction, Inc. offers highly specified renovations that follow the exact blueprints laid out by the client.

Pole Buildings

Progressive Construction, Inc. is devoted to providing and producing homes that are specific to customer wishes, yet maintain trademark qualities of being stylistically exclusive and appealing. Pole buildings appeal to this individualistic standard and when their structure is applied to homes, generate houses that cannot be compared to any others on the market.


Garages serve as an essential feature whether one is looking to buy, sell, or remain in a given house. From providing protection for cars and other valuables, to acting as a secure area of storage, the benefits of having a garage can’t be refuted; the question isn’t about whether or not a garage is necessary, but more about the size of garage that is necessary. Progressive Construction, Inc. offers superb design and building of one-car, two-car, and three-car garages.


The reasons for needing and utilizing a shop are diverse and all-encompassing. This means that there is no single format for their construction. At Progressive Construction, Inc. we enjoy demonstrating our flexibility and limitless expertise in building projects by tackling any size or design of shop that a client requests.


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