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Pole buildings are crafted with a unique strategy: to construct them requires the employment of a technique that is founded upon traditional timber framing approaches. Essentially, large poles are secured in the ground or foundation and form a vertical framework that provides support for the building. In the category of residential constructions, pole buildings produce a style of home that is both unique and exceptionally beautiful. Any traditional style of home can be adapted to the pole building style, creating a combination that can meet your specific desires.

The main framing element of pole-framed buildings stems from the wood posts that transfer external pressures, such as those of wind and snow, to the foundation of the building. As the posts are connected via wood sidewall girts, the roof framing system is composed of wood trusses connected by wood purlins. The exterior of pole-framed buildings is secured with steel panels, which serves as the main defense that keeps weather from penetrating the building. Pole-framed buildings offer a distinct set of qualities: they are universal in terms of design and structure and they are diverse in the many roles they can fulfill. These building types can be customized and utilized for nearly any commercial purpose. Progressive Construction, Inc. capitalizes on this all-embracing construction style, providing dependable, attractive, exclusively stylistic, and fairly priced pole-framed buildings.

Progressive Construction, Inc. proves its broad range of abilities as we impeccably provide pole building services, a style that is versatile, dependable, attractive, and distinctly budget-friendly. If you are interested in the Pole Structure services provided by Progressive Construction, Inc. ask about our own innovative, pole building design!


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