Steel Buildings

Steel buildings don’t have to be ordinary. At Progressive Construction, Inc., dependability and sensible never have to replace attractive. Our experts have mastered the art of establishing buildings of steel that not only fit a client’s demands of customization, but do so with style and curb-appeal.

Pole Buildings

Pole-framed buildings offer an exclusive combination of sturdy, weather-proofed structure and unique appearance, all while fulfilling a comprehensive range of purposes. These buildings are a great choice for any commercial/industrial role, and go above and beyond the standards of durability by also including the aspect of attractiveness. Progressive Construction, Inc. specializes in crafting pole-buildings that excel in design and function, giving your business an edge.

Conventional Buildings

Despite the increasing amounts of construction methods and designs, a conventional structure building may be the appropriate choice for you and your building needs. Choosing a conventional structure building means that your structure is truly one-of-a-kind, as no other design will be the same. This method also ensures an incomparable durability. Progressive Construction, Inc. possesses immense amounts of expertise in all areas of construction, including this one.

Exterior and Interior Renovations

Renovating commercial or industrial buildings on the interior or exterior can provide many business-wide benefits. While renovations can improve the building’s aesthetic and create a more modern appeal that attracts customers, they can also increase the safety of workers and their satisfaction with the work environment they are placed in. For whatever remodeling ideas you have in mind, Progressive Construction, Inc. is well equipped to instigate just the change you need to enhance your building.

Office Design/Build

The prosperity of a company is launched from its office building. Progressive Construction, Inc. is fully devoted to developing the building that you envision for the success of your business. This means that we partner with clients in either creating the design and building it, or building based upon the client’s own design; either way, our focus is on customer satisfaction, meaning we work as a single unit with customers throughout the entire process. In the end, our number one goal is to leave you with a business building that promotes your company and its well-being.


Our Commercial/Industrial Work