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Sometimes a dream home comes in the form of a simple addition. Additions have the power to modernize, preserve, and simply improve your home. Modernizing, preserving, and improving through additions is a great way to maintain home value or even just update your home to better serve personal preference. The professionals at Progressive Construction, Inc. are well-versed in a wide variety of residential home add-ons and are prepared to meet and surpass client expectations.

Exterior and interior additions, along with floor plan expansions, are all available services at PCI. While exterior additions are the perfect way to spruce up the outside of your home, adding just the flare you need, interior additions can also add their own flare and can be a great contributor to keeping your house updated, better-functioning, and cohesive with contemporary styles. Floor plan expansions are the ideal option for putting a fresh spin on the appearance and design of the home you already love.



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