Despite varying purposes for barns, it is a universal fact that the items held within a barn can be of immense value. At Progressive Construction, Inc., we are aware of this and, therefore, design and build barn structures that are only the best in sturdiness and dependability. However, our experts don’t stop at creating secure barns, they also fabricate them to be both sensible and attractive.


With the near limitless amount of advantages that accompany arenas, choosing to install one is a smart choice; entrusting Progressive Construction, Inc. to manufacture yours is an even smarter choice. Our experienced designers can develop an arena that perfectly fits your personal needs and wants, as well as exceeds all standards of durability and style.

Storage Buildings

Do you have items that need stored, but have no place to store them? This often happens with larger items and seasonal items, and can create an unwanted hassle. Storage buildings are the ideal solution as they are tailored to your storage requirements and provide just the amount of additional space you need. Partnering with Progressive Construction, Inc. in developing a storage building will leave you with a useful, dependable, and attractive structure.


Shops are among some of the most universal structures; they can be used for anything ranging from storage areas to acting as work spaces. Though it seems their design revolves around one simple method, shops by Progressive Construction, Inc. can exceed both standards of quality of appearance to fit the exact desires of the client.


Garages are a must-have for many reasons. As they are both accommodating and necessary in guaranteeing the safety of vehicles and other valuables, it is important to invest in only the best services for garage construction. At Progressive Construction, Inc., our experts pay close attention to every detail and establish garage structures that are cost-effective, stylish, and of the utmost reliability.

Pole Buildings

Pole structure buildings are unique in their design and in the appearance that their design generates. Pole structures can be utilized for a wide range of building types including houses, commercial and industrial buildings, and accessory buildings. In developing pole structures as accessory buildings, the team at Progressive Construction, Inc. works tirelessly to ensure that all the client’s demands are included in the final structure, one that turns out unparalleled in every aspect.

Conventional Buildings

If you want your accessory building to be unlike any other in design and durability, enlisting the design of conventional structure is the way to go. Conventional structures are built from the ground up with unique insight that is only granted to your building. As an accessory establishment, Progressive Construction, Inc. can build a conventional structure that you can depend upon to utilize for any purpose.

Steel Buildings

In looking to add an accessory building, steel structures can incorporate a sophisticated, clean, durable, and cost-effective feature to your property or site. Progressive Construction, Inc. is all about quality and customer satisfaction, and will be fully dedicated to customizing your steel building to function exactly as you need it to.

Our Accessory Building Work